There is so much that goes into planning your wedding day - and choosing the right vendors is an important part of your planning process. You want to choose professionals who not only align with your style, but your overall vibe and personalities. I receive a lot of inquiries asking a variety of questions, so I thought I would add a 'frequently asked questions" section to my website to help answer some of the common questions. 


What price range are your packages?

Packages for standard size weddings start at $3,500. Elopements and micro weddings start at $1,600. One thing I have learned in providing photography services for almost 12 years is that one size package structure might fit some, but not all. Most often I create customized packages for my couples, from engagement and wedding day photography to album design. It is always best to chat! No matter what size your wedding celebration is, it should feel uniquely and beautifully yours. That is why I custom design packages for my couples to meet their plans to give you a truly you boutique experience.  I provide photography for every type of dream wedding, while keeping the process simple and stress free.


Do you photograph "micro" weddings?

YES! I love photographing intimate weddings. I have a confession to make also - I truly dislike the word "micro" attached to any wedding. There is nothing small about getting married. The simple act of marrying someone is the grandest gesture of love that can be made for a couple. While the word micro is trending for smaller weddings, and we all have to speak the same lingo, I do not intend to adopt that word long term. Intimate weddings are beautiful personal days and I love the opportunity to photograph each and every one I have done the past year+.


We are having a smaller vow ceremony, and a larger wedding reception in a year or two - can we book both at the same time?

Yes! It is highly recommended to book your photography for both your micro wedding and your larger celebration at the same time when possible. 


What is included in your packages? What can be customized?

Always included is the time and talent of yours truly, as well as the team of photographers or assistants who may join me. We are professionals in our field with many years of experience that we use to capture your wedding story like a movie of still images. 

Also always included:

  • Your own online gallery space through my website (Sneak Peek and Full Gallery)
  • Digital images by download
  • Access to the free Photo Moments App for easy storage on your phone
  • Proprietary online planning tools - the KPOP!
  • A wedding day timeline and shot list made by me for you
  • The edit of your collection 
  • 10% off prints select times of year

Each package can be customized to include an engagement session, varying hours of wedding day photography coverage (from 1 up to 10 hours), up to 3 photographers, wedding albums, keepsake flash drives, professional prints and enlargements and more.


Do you provide printing rights?

Yes! While I prefer to control the quality of your prints and enlargements through my printers, I understand sometimes you want to run a photo over to CVS to use for a gift. I live in the real world, and I totally get it. 


Copyright - we want it, can we have it?

The answer to this question is firmly, no. Each photograph created with my clients, is a unique work, protected as copyright of the creator.


We don't want our photos on social media. Can we opt out of the model release?

Sorry, the answer to this question is also firmly, no. If you are familiar with my online posting patterns - I do not post constantly and truly am not a huge fan of social media myself. But I work as an independent artist in a social media world, in a large city with lots of photographers. And I have to be able to share work I create with my clients to stay a valid presence in the Greater Philadelphia marketplace. When social media trends fade, I will be the first to delete the apps, but for now, here we are. 


My venue requires my vendors to be insured and to be named on your policy - can you do that?

Yes! I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and am fully insured and happy to add your venue. Advanced requests for this are required.