Philadelphia Wedding Photographer in Love with Love

I will start by speaking my truth: I am 100 percent in love with love. When I pick up the camera and the chemistry between a couple lights up in front of me, all of my creativity takes flight. It's like a spark that spreads light everywhere. Love between a couple, love amongst a family... it is all love in many forms. Behind the lens, I smile A LOT while I shoot. These days you won't see that as much as we are safely masked. But my smile is always there. I am an 'empath' which basically means, I am a highly sensitive person who feels all the feelings of the people around me (and the world.) Never until creating work with people through photography did I realize that being sensitive could be my greatest asset. It's something I carried as a burden for a long time, until I realized it is the exact thing that gives me a passport to connecting with others. Most people, including me, feel very vulnerable as soon as the camera turns to them. And it's the number one thing that couples tell me when I have the initial conversation with them about their wedding. Cue empath -- I get it. Like 100% get it. You want to feel beautiful and have your photos capture you at your happiest -- and LOVE the photos. I would love the chance to work with you, and capture your love story or your family story. Or any story you want to share. Please be in touch! These days I am mostly home with my two boys and pup, working with me in the home office and they would all love to Facetime a new person. Totally kidding, but I would love to speak with you about your wedding or family session! [email protected] or 215-779-4677