Hello! I hope your arrival on my website means you are having a wonderful day as you are planning photography for your wedding or family. I would love to be the photographer who earns your business, your trust and friendship along the way. Photography to me is both art, and relationship. One of the things I love the most about photography are the people I meet and cherish from near and far. So here are a few things "about me" to answer your burning questions. (joking of course! I know no one has burning questions about me haha).


My Photography Background

I picked up my first camera more than 30 years ago and would take photos of everything in sight - flowers, my siblings, the family dogs, bird houses on old fences. I grew up on a 23 acre garden/airport, and was one of 5 daughters to beloved Chip and Mary Kunda. My parents rocked, and laid the foundation for all of their kids to pursue their dreams. So my photography background starts with my family. They bought me my first pink 35mm camera from Kmart, and would drive me to drop off film and pick up photos at Color Bright in Trappe PA all the time. So many prints of everyday life. That was my muse. I still have boxes and boxes of these photos in my basement. My younger sister and best friend Rebecca would model for me - we invented how to pose with a swatch watch and how to look effortless smelling a flower from the garden in our oversized hand me downs and bathing suits. As soon as high school rolled around, I was first in line for every photography class that Mr. Bosler at Methacton High School taught. I even took classes he made just for me. He taught me during empty periods how to develop color prints in the darkroom. I was hooked. Fast forward to college, I majored in Journalism, and combined my love of photography and writing and told stories of marginalized voices and groups on campus at USF. I was passionate and worked hard. I was active in our small community arts center at USF as well, and made my way to my B.A. with hundreds of articles and prints that I poured my whole self into. I was taught at an early age that passion and desire are the secret to all things. If you have desire, real inherent passion for something, you will find your path. And my Dad, rest his soul, was right. I know he loves knowing I paid attention. The only way is "all in." That is how I am with my work. Photography and writing are my life's work. From age 8 to forever. So I stand before you with this website to share my work, but I really present to you my life. I am fully engaged in all that I do. I feel most alive out in the world with my camera and lovely new friends killing their portrait sessions with their most authentic selves, exploring the city or the wild spaces. I have been making a living as an artist full time (dropped all other jobs - because they were not meant for me!), for the past 11 years. I love what I do, and I hope to be able to be your photographer.


Other Random Things About Me

I can pretty much be summed up in three words: Family, Nature, Dogs. I am married to my anchor in life, Sarah, and we have two creative silly smart boys, James and Theo. I live in the city, but love being in all wild places, and it's hard to pick a favorite, but I always come back to my happy place at the beach and in the woods. 


Credentials and Memberships

Wedding Photojournalists Association 

Lifestyle Photographers Association

Member of Professional Photographers of America

Top Photographers in Philadelphia, by Philly in Love

Photography awards, Rangefinder Magazine and Shoot and Share


B.A. Journalism, Minor Political Science from the University of South Florida

Writing awards, Society of Professional Journalists2019, 2020, 2021


As Seen on The Knot