I will start by speaking my truth: I am 100 percent in love with love. When I pick up the camera and the chemistry between a couple lights up in front of me, all of my creativity takes flight. Your love is like a spark that spreads light everywhere. 


My ideal wedding is ....

One where people truly love each other and keep focus on what is important about the day at hand. Each other. Truly. A lot of photographers only want to shoot mountain weddings, or city weddings. But I love it and do it all.



I am going on 11 years of experience as a professional, full-time photographer with several awards under my belt - and what that means is that I have photographed in all kinds of situations, and am still crazy enough to throw myself at my work with abandon. Nothing rattles me. Well almost nothing. I don't especially like lightning storms or snakes. But, for example, full sun, pitch dark venues, chasing daylight savings during portraits, 20 person bridal parties, mean wedding coordinators, cranky bridesmaids, drunk groomsmen, hurricane or blizzard on your wedding day -- I have photographed in it all over the years. Overcoming every challenge has made me the professional, and leader for my team, that I am today. At heart, I am a happy, fun person, but also a professional who knows her stuff. And I am proud of it. I shoot Nikon, Full-Frame cameras. Only in Manual. Only in Raw. I use off camera flash for artistic purposes. I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop, but do most of my work in-camera to get it right from the start. My background is in photojournalism, and I have a B.A. in Mass Communications - Magazine Journalism from the University of South Florida. I am not especially keen on social media as I spend so much time shooting and editing that I really don't focus as much on the latest social media craze. I keep up on trends, but like fashion, they pass - remember bridesmaids dresses with puffy sleeves? Or wait, maybe that is just me and I am showing my age. But the best kind of photography I can do for you, is YOUR photography. Being authentic to you and your wedding story. There are A LOT of photographers out there, and I encourage you to find the right one for you. I can't promise bargain prices, because I do this for an actual living, full-time to support my family, but I can promise to capture your wedding day with my whole heart backed by many years of experience.


Top 20 Local Wedding Photographer, by Philly in Love (2019/2020/2021)


What you really want to know about me....

I am married to my wife Sarah of 10 years, and we live and raise our two boys, James and Theo, in Northeast Philly where my wife was born and raised. I am from Collegeville, PA and I love both the country and city equally. But MOST of all, I love the beach and if I could be anything other than a photographer, I would be a marine biologist and study humpback whales from my kayak. I am happiest in the sun, with a little salt water as my skincare routine. I love salad, hate the smell of breakfast meats, would be happy living outside all the days, suck at surfing, love my dog like my third child, have more plants than Lowe's, grow my own peonies in my garden, and have a secret love for dance parties in my kitchen and singing off key in the shower. Because, obviously, the acoustics are the best there for the tone-deaf. At any given time, what's in my pocket: action figures, lens caps, hair ties, my kids socks, pieces of trash from around my house as I walk and clean, and old wedding day shot lists that I have laundered once (or twice) after the big day. I can play a mean game of crazy 8s, my favorite color is pink but I painted my dining room yellow so I could feel like I am in the sun in all seasons. 

For Photographers
I am always excited to bring on new people to our team to assist and second shoot on weddings, and family sessions. If you have a love for photography, team spirit and professionalism, I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch, [email protected] 
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