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KK3_5713.jpgHi there! Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my work! I know you have a lot of choices when you are looking for a wedding or family photographer -- it can be overwhelming! I hope that choosing to work with me is a simple one. I love what I do, and making great friends with my clients along the way. It's a gift to be invited into people's lives to capture not only their big important moments - wedding day, birth of a child, anniversaries and birthdays -- but also the everyday moments that make life what it is. Like a moment in time with your kids at sunset in the park or on the beach, or simply playing with their toys on the window sill in your home. I love those moments, and chances are, if you found my work in the vast sea of photographers, you do too. It's strange to talk about myself, and I prefer to just let my work show you my style and approach. But overall, I aim to stay natural in my process, and to let authentic moments happen more than directing them too. One of  the great ironies of my life, is that I find it hard to be in front of the camera and am very empathetic to those who are not always comfortable being photographed, and mostly can't take myself too seriously. So when I try to pose myself, I more or less and laugh, and that's pretty much me.  My wife captured this photo of me outside of our house while our son was playing in the yard and our dog was at my feet. Because being at home and outside with my family is my happy place. I hope you have found some images that speak to you and that you will reach out! I am a working artist and work around the clock when I am not taking care of our son. I have two careers that I take seriously - being a mom to an incredible little boy, and being a photographer blessed to capture the moments in your life.  I look forward to capturing some of your treasured memories for you!


The real me: drinks lots of coffee and red wine, loves all things vanilla/caramel, enjoys yoga and teaching our son to do it too,  can somehow function on little sleep, laughs a lot, married to the love of my life and even married her three separate times while marriage equality evolved with us, loves running and time in nature, and loves the smell of campfire and all things lavendar.


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